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We want you to have the best weekend of your summer at Wye Fayre and because we know everything thatís happening and when and where it will be going on, we thought weíd draw a up a little guide to getting the most out of Wye Fayre by doing it THE WYE WAY.

1 Book your tickets now!
Donít take a chance by leaving it any later. Earlybird tickets are sold out, the word of Wye is spreading and thereíll be plenty more unexpected and exclusive additions to the line-up from now until the last minute. Donít miss out.

2 Take the Friday off work and get there early!
The best way to enjoy Wye Fayre to the full is to be there for the whole weekend.
The site opens at midday on Friday 6 July. The music starts at 6pm on Friday and finishes early Sunday morning, so we suggest arriving as early as possible on Friday and staying until Sunday.
All you need to do then is choose your spot in the campsite, put up your tent, meet your neighbours, take a tour of the site, get your bearings, soak up the atmosphere and, before you know it, the first bands will be on stage.

3 Travel by public transport
Ashford International train station is only an hour by train from London, less than four hours from Bristol, Leeds and Liverpool, and also on the Eurostar from Paris, Brussels and Lille. To make it even simpler for you, thereíll be a shuttle bus service running from the station to the festival site and back again.
For those of you travelling to Wye station itself (1hr 30 mins from London), the site is about 20 minutesí walk from the station.

4 Plan your movements
Anyone whoís been to a good festival knows that the best plans and intentions go out the window once you discover the freaky tent with poets, comedians, magicians and string quartets. Or pear cider. However, itís worth reading up in advance on everything happening at Wye Fayre and checking out all the music links you can.
You wonít see or hear more fresh, diverse, exciting and up-and-coming new bands and artists at any other festival this summer.

5 Plan for the weather
How can you plan for the Great British outdoors with its blistering heat and monsoons? Sun burn and trench foot arenít the kind of things you want to endure when youíre listening to great music. Weíll have supplies of just about everything you might need, but be prepared all the same.

6 Plan your escape
Although there will be after-hours entertainment into early Sunday morning and the site will still be alive Sunday daytime, there's no specific music or other entertainment programmed for then. Friday and Saturday are the only nights when camping is permitted and the site closes at 4pm on Sunday, so you should book your return train journey or pack up your car and leave for before then, to avoid the last minute rush to get off the site.

7 The Rules
There are certain rules, some of which are just common sense, some of which are laws that apply to festivals as much as anywhere else, and some of which are conditions of our licence and mean we have to enforce them for Wye Fayre to be able to take place again next year.

Please help us by respecting these rules, respecting your fellow festival-goers, the village residents and the site and environment itself. And donít forget that our security staff will be keeping all of us in line.

Glass bottles are not permitted on any part of the site for obvious reasons. A condition of our licence is also that only alcohol bought from bars on the site can be consumed on the site so please donít try to bring any as we will have to remove it from the site. This is the reason weíve made tickets affordable and the bars very reasonably-priced.

Again, the reasons are self-explanatory. Only guide dogs are permitted on site.

These are simply not allowed and anyone found lighting a fire in the campsite or anywhere else will be ejected from the site.

Wye Fayre is governed by the law of the land, so anyone caught using or dealing drugs will be ejected from the site and the police informed.

A trip to the dunny can seem like an unnecessary chore after a few beers when thereís a tree or bush closer by. But no-one wants to see you legs akimbo, watering the roses. And when we all wake up the morning after the night before, the only thing we really want to be able to smell is the coffee. So keep the mouse in his house until you get to the urinals. Theyíll be as plentiful and pleasant as we can possibly make them and itís a much more sociable way to drain the weasel. Ladies, thereíll be plenty for you, too.

For the real lie of the land, please also see our Terms & Conditions