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The Tour De France passes close to the site on Sunday morning so this will affect road travel for a few hours up until Sunday lunchtime.

You can get to the party by road or rail Ė and that includes Eurostar if youíre coming from mainland Europe.

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By road
Itís easy to get to and will be well sign-posted when you get close.Map
If youíre driving, share your car if you can! Parking for cars is free.
There is limited space for campervans (space for which is £10 and must be booked in advance Ė see Tickets).

By rail
Thereís a local service to Wye station, which is 20 minutes walk from the site.
The nearest major rail station (10 minutesí drive away) is Ashford International.

Train journey times to Ashford:
York: 4 hours
Liverpool / Leeds: 3 hours 45 minutes
Bristol / Norwich: 3 hours 40 minutes
Oxford: 3 hours
London: 1 hour

Eurostar to Ashford:
Paris: 2 hours
Lille: 1 hour
Calais: 30 minutes


Camping is free
And for those of you who donít travel so light, our team of wheelbarrowboys will, for a small fee to them, help you shift all your stuff from your car to your tent.

Alternatively, you can book a room in Withersdane Hall itself; itís on the site, but far enough away to be quiet. Singles, doubles and twins are all available, each with a private bathroom.
For more information on rooms, contact Maryanne Burden.