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flying monkey

electroacoustic club

Rupert Truman

Hooked Up Records

Was Not Media

Pirate Fairies

All Aboard The Mudlark

kent downs

Safe Concerts

kings head theatre


Mr Systems
MAC & PC Sales, support & rentals with a long-term personal service... don't browse the web, Call Len Borg @ M.R SYSTEMS on 020 7697 2214 or email with you request... We can source any product...

Peter Curzon

Brixton Therapy Centre

Sasa Jankovic

Running Jump Records

Hoxton Bar & Kitchen

Ashford Presents

Bimble Inn


millie masters comedy

The Co-operative membership

Play Tent
"Play provides a social environment in which children and families can interact through creative mediums, the main aim is to provide a space in which PLAY is the emphasis and so stimulate the pleasure centres in the brain. Any creative idea will try and be included as long as it gives children and families an opportunity to interact with each other. So far we have dressing up for children and adults, opportunities to create: using paint, glue, junk modelling, collage space, small spaces in which children my like to go, dj's playing and perhaps a few surprises"